Want To Get Admitted Into UNN, Follow These 12 Steps

Want To Get Admitted Into UNN, Follow These 12 Steps

Every year, over 70,000 Nigerian students battle for slightly over 10,000 admission spaces at the University of Nigeria, and as expected, over 60,000 fail to secure UNN admission, with some candidate really scoring so high but are still told to go and try again next year. This post is a well detailed guide on how to be a cat with 5 Lives and avoid the Suicide mission which most candidate embark on during their quest for admission so that you can comfortably and certainly become a student of UNN this admission year.  This is VNTI’s wish for you, and if you follow our detailed guide, you would be reciting the UNN anthem by this time next year. I cant hear your Amen.


  1. RECAP: Why High Scoring Eligible Aspirants Do Not gain admission

To begin our discussion, we’d first give an analysis of why numerous candidates fail to beat other candidates and secure admission each year at the University of Nigeria. We’d talk about this under 3 headings:

  1. Lack of Preparation
  2. The Suicide Mission
  3. Absence of Plan B


LACK OF PREPARATION: A good number of candidates who participates in the admission process at the University of Nigeria, UNN each year are actually Unprepared. This is the reason for their poor performance at the University’s Post UTME. Despite these candidates having a very good and high JAMB UTME score. They come to the UNN Post UTME Screening without any knowledge whatsoever of what the UNN screening exercise looks like or what to expect. How can someone who wants to sit for UNN Post UTME not know what FELAR 909 Is?

This simple lack of preparation lead to them having poor performance at the Screening exercise and hence, the end of their admission journey for that admission year. To overcome this, endeavour to practice for UNN Post UTME screening making use of a combination of the UNN Post UTME Past Questions and the FELAR 909 Booklet. Both are available for Free Download on our Past Questions Section.

THE SUICIDE MISSION: the Suicide Mission is described here by VNTI as trying to attain the impossible by hanging on to faith. It simply means Foolishly waiting for series of admission list while knowing fully well that your score would not be enough for the course being sought after. This mostly happens with candidates who apply for the hot cake courses like Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, etc.

It’s a foolish attempt to cut yourself and still be observing to see if you would bleed. Rather, you should get a wool to cauterize the wound. We would also guide you on this.

ABSENCE OF PLAN B: Finally, the absence of Plan B or what we call having a Fall back plan is the 3rd and most important reason why a good number of candidates fail to secure admission to the University year after year. This is most common among first timers who always chose to go on the SUICIDE MISSION, and end up only successfully killing their chances of admission at the University of Nigeria. In this publication, we are going to assist you with creating a Plan B, C, D and even E so you can be a cat with 5 lives.


To read the full details (Steps 2-11) on how to easily secure admission at UNN, as well as all the secrets others wont tell you, Pls, first help us inform your friends by sharing below. Once you click share below, The remaining contents would be unlocked.


  1. UNN Cut Off Marks For the Last Session

The only way you can be prepared for the future is if you know the past. Hence, it is very important to be guided on the Cut-off marks of the University of Nigeria from the immediate past session. This would give you an insight into what you should be aiming for if you must secure admission at this University this year. It is important to know that the University of Nigeria do not release her cut-off marks publicly. The cut off marks can only be obtained at the Departmental general office. Below are some of the Cut off marks which we were able to gather from the 2017 Admission year. If you want specific cut-off marks for any course, you can request via comment below:

Course Cut Off Mark
Medical Rehabilitation 258
Nursing Sciences 274
Medicine and Surgery 304
Pharmacy 292
Law 296.6
English and Literary Studies 254
Mass Communication 264.8
Anatomy 228.2
Physiology 215.2
Civil Engineering 240.4
Electrical Engineering 251.4
Mechanical Engineering 239


You can request other cut off marks by comment below. You should also know that the cut off marks above are basically the merit cut off marks for the University.



  1. JAMB Statistics Of Candidates who applied for Admission at The University of Nigeria, UNN

It is highly important for candidates who seek admission into the University to know the number of candidate who are also applying for the same course as they are as well as other related courses. It will help you to know the competition you are having for your department of choice. This would enable them make the perfect planning and decision both Pre & Post Screening especially after seeing their screening scores, in order for them to not miss gaining admission this year. For the purpose of this guide, again, we are going to give a figure of the number of candidates who applied for admission at UNN in a recent Admission Year, to make this guide as simple as possible.

Course No Of Candidates
Medical Rehabilitation 647
Medical laboratory Science 2,249
Nursing Sciences 5,226
Medicine and Surgery 11,130
Pharmacy 4,434
Law 6,555
English and Literary Studies 906
Mass Communication 2,975
Anatomy Nil (first admission year)
Physiology Nil (first admission year)
Civil Engineering 1644
Electrical Engineering 1812
Mechanical Engineering 1,320


This stats clearly shows that Medicine, Law, Nursing are the most sought after courses in the University of Nigeria, and are expected to have very high admission cut off marks which have clearly been defined in the previous section.


  1. Highly Competitive Courses

As we have clearly outlined above, This stats clearly shows that Medicine, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy among others are the most sought after courses in the University of Nigeria, and are expected to have very high admission cut off marks which have clearly been defined in the previous section. In summary, If you are seeking admission into any of the courses listed above, you must ensure that you do not obtain a cumulative score less than 290 marks, except for special cases which would be explained below. Once you access your UTME Score and estimate that regardless of your post UTME score, you would not make 290 marks, then it’s a waste of time and a SUICIDE MISSION as we explained earlier to still carry on with admission at the University for the same course, except for special cases outlined later below.


  1. Less Competitive Courses

Having detailed the highly competitive courses, Less Competitive courses at the University of Nigeria include courses at the:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

The Importance of these courses is that they are used as plan B/Fall back plan for admission seekers. We would tell you why below. Keep on reading.


  1. How UNN Gives Admission

Following introduction of JAMB Point System, Admission at the University of Nigeria, since 2016 is given after a consideration of the following results:

  • JAMB UTME Results
  • Post UTME Screening Results
  • O’Level Results (WAEC/NECO)


University of Nigeria calculates her aggregate/average score by the following means:

JAMB + Post UTME/2

O’LEVEL Results are required for clearance.

The better the candidates grades, the better the chances of admission.

At the University of Nigeria, Admission is given based on MERIT, Catchment, ELDS and Concessional/Staff admission quota.


  1. Expected Scores For Admission At UNN

This depends on course and like we explained earlier, If you are seeking admission into any of the highly competitive courses listed above, you must ensure that you do not obtain a cumulative score less than 290 marks, except for special cases which would be explained below. Once you access your UTME Score and estimate that regardless of your post UTME score, you would not make up to 290 marks, then it’s a waste of time and a SUICIDE MISSION as we explained earlier to still carry on with admission at the University for the same course, except for special cases outlined below. However, If you are seeking admission into any of the less competitive courses, an aggregate score of just around 220 is almost enough to guarantee admissions at all times into merit list.


  1. The Special/Secret Admission

There are special conditions at the University of Nigeria, where candidates who did not score marks high enough for the highly competitive courses are still considered for admission against those who scored high, despite their low scores. These are divided into 3 Sections as follows:

  • The Catchment and ELDS Advantage
  • The Concessional, Staff List
  • Internal Change Of Course/Advert Form

The Catchment and ELDS Advantage: The University of Nigeria, like other Federal Universities practices the principle of catchment and ELDS advantages in giving admission to her aspirants. Catchment refers to states found around the Institution, such as Enugu, Ebonyi, Anambra, Imo, Abia, etc, while ELDS is an Acronym for Educationally Less developed states, and they include the Ebonyi, Delta, majority of Northern States, Ekiti, Etc. These states have a different cut off marks during the process of admission and candidates from these states can be admitted even with lower scores when candidates from other states do not make it. Take for Example: The Cut off for Nursing:

  • Merit- 274
  • Enugu- 272.8
  • Anambra- 266
  • Imo- 264
  • Abia- 262
  • Ebonyi- 247
  • South South States- 240
  • Borno- 203
  • Nasarawa- 201
  • Kaduna- 211

Take note of the low cut off scores for the ELDS States above. Note that a secret to UNN admission is that many admission seeking applicants tend to claim these ELDS states as their states during JAMB application so as to benefit from these low cut off marks.


The Concessional, Staff List: This is basically for the benefits of staffs of the Institution as well as Who is Who in the country who has connections. Their names typically come out in the VC list regardless of their scores as long as they exceed the minimum cut off marks for the year which is 200 marks. So, If you have any aunty or Uncle in the System, get out your phone and tell them that the time has come.

Internal Change Of Course: This is for aspirants who made a low post UTME score after having a high JAMB UTME Score. They are advised to purchase an internal change of course form, which would be on sale immediately the First admission list is released, and they are to switch to a less competitive course, so as to see their name in the 2nd University Admission List. From this new course, they can decide to do a change of course once they make a high CGPA after first year, and still continue from 2nd year of the new course.


  1. The Suicide Mission & Back to Square One:

This is the path mostly followed by most admission seeking aspirants, especially first timers. This is basically explained as a candidate that knows that he/she scored very low in their JAMB UTME examination, and still carry along to sit for post UTME in a highly competitive course, without applying for JAMB Change of Course. In simple terms, It is suicidal of any candidate who scored between 200-220/230 in the JAMB UTME examination to still go ahead to sit for post UTME hoping to secure admission into Medicine and Surgery.This is simply holding on to faith as the candidate would need to score at least 380/400 in the post UTME to reach an average of 290-295, knowing that UNN has not had a lesser admission cut-off than that for medicine in recent years. Without any special consideration as outlined above, this is simply Suicide and a plea for Please Try again later.

Our advise for candidates with the following JAMB UTME Scores applying to medicine for example is as follows:

280 and Above: Carry ahead to the Post UTME and do your best.

250-279: Consider Your Options, You still have a good chance depending on your post UTME score, and can take the Plan B/fall back plan should you fall short of the cut off

200-249: Take the Plan B/Fall Back Plan Immediately or Risk the Suicide Mission


  1. Fall Back Plan Incase Of Low Score for your Course

The Plan B/Fall Back plan involves applying for a less competitive course related to the one which the candidate initially applied for, either before the post UTME screening (advisable for those with UTME scores of 200-249) or after the release of the post UTME screening(for those with UTME Score of 250 and Above with low screening score).



  1. At the University of Nigeria, there is a platform called the CHANGE OF DEGREE PROGRAMME whose form is usually released by the end of each session. This provide students with high CGPA to change over from one department to another, e.g: Biochemistry to Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and still continue from 2nd year at the new department.
  2. You can still be in the University, running your programme while also attempting JAMB UTME again for admission. Its more preferably than remaining at Home and attempting. Either way, You must Enter the University of Nigeria this year.


  1. Final Fall Back Plan in case of totally low Score

Candidates with a totally low score which isn’t eligible for taking Post UTME or isn’t enough for obtaining admission to their desired programmes or Fall Back programmes are highly advised to consider other Para-degree programmes of the University such as:

  • JUPEB Programme: This programme offered by the University of Nigeria and some other Universities is a residential programme which lasts for one year, and at end issues the candidate with an A-level which enables the candidate to have 2 chances the following year, using UTME as well as Direct entry. Once again, this is better than sitting at home and either way, You must Enter the University Of Nigeria this year.

The Way Forward

Having fully dissected the rudiments of comfortably gaining admission easily at the University of Nigeria this year, candidates are advised to follow all the steps outlined in this publication to benefit from the Cat with 5 Lives Approach to obtaining admission, and with all confidence, this year would not pass you by. The bottom line remains that you must be admitted this year.


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