UNILAG Releases Second Semester 2013/2014 Academic Calendar

Below is the Second semester 2013/2014 academic calendar of the University of Lagos;

Monday, 4th August, 2014 – Resumption/Lectures begin

Wed. 6th August 2014 – Uploading of 1st semester exam. scores Ends

Wed. 13th August 2014 – Faculty Board of Examiners

Wed. 27th August 2014 – Consideration of 1st semester Results by SENATE

Monday, 28th July – Sunday, 24th August, 2014 – Registration of students
(4 weeks)

Monday, 8th Sept., – Sunday 28th Sept., 2014 – Editing of Course Registration
(3 weeks)

Friday, 7th Nov., 2014 – Lectures End
(14 weeks)

Monday, 10th Nov., – Friday, 14th Nov., 2014 – Lecture Free week
(1 weeks)

Monday, 17th Nov., – Friday, 28th Nov., 2014 – Examination in all Faculties
(2 weeks)

Monday, 1st Dec., – Saturday, 6th Dec., 2014 – Examination in all core courses in Faculty of
(1 weeks) Education
Saturday, 6th Dec., 2014 – Students Depart/End of Session

Monday 8th Dec. – Friday 16th Jan. 2015 – Holiday
(6 weeks)

Monday 8th Dec., 2014 – DLI Residential programme commences
(6 weeks)

Saturday, 17th Jan., 2015 – DLI students depart

Thursday, 8th Jan., 2015 – Consideration of Results by BCOS commences
(4 weeks after Exams)

Wednesday, 28th Jan., 2015 – Senate meeting for consideration of Results

Monday, 19th Jan., 2015 – Proposed date of resumption, 2014/2015 session


2nd Wednesday of every month Faculty Board of Studies/Examiners

3rd Wednesday of every month Inaugural Lecture

Last Wednesday of every month Senate meeting

Two weeks after Examinations Uploading of Results

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