UNIJOS Hostel Attacks, Reports of Sporadic Shootings

There have been several reports of sporadic shootings ongoing around the students hostels of the University of Jos, especially the Naraguta Hostel.

Reports received alleges that the shootings were done by Soldiers who are on the hunt for Sectarian protesters from the city who fled into the University campus.

Other unconfirmed reports allege that the shootings were from unknown gunmen who attacked the University hostels.

UNIJOS Hostel Attacks, Reports of Sporadic Shootings


In a statement by the school’s Student Union Government and signed by the chairman senate committee on security matters Emmanuel Jireh Bobby, students tried to stop the attackers.

He alleged that indigenes of the state carried out the attack, urging colleagues to stay calm and offer assistance to the injured and those in the hostel.

He said: “Unijos students’ village hostel witnessed this black scenario. Hausa boys armed with sticks and weapons intrude the hostel for reasons not too clear.

“They were stopped by students at the gate as they tried to penetrate the hostel. Some students lost their lives in the process, while some others sustained injuries.

“We want to use this podium to address all Josite concerning the security challenges in town. We urge each and every student on and off the campus to be security conscious and alert,

“Please let’s stay calm, our live’s are important and please let’s try and help the special students at the village hostel please.”

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    May the souls of those killed find rest

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