UNESCO Donates Safety Kits to 100 Schools

UNESCO Donates Safety Kits to 100 Schools


The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has donated materials and kits to ensure the safety of teachers and pupils in 100 schools in the North-Eastern part of the country.

The kits comprising safe-school DVDs, audio CDs, manuals, hand sanitisers, and text books, were presented to schools in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe States by a non-governmental organisation, Exam Ethics Marshal, in Abuja, on behalf of UNESCO.

UNESCO Director, Prof. Hassana Alidou, lamented the insecurity in the north-east, which she said had worsened the poor educational indices of the region.

According to her, the safe school kits were meant to empower the beneficiaries, adding that the packages were given to 13 primary schools, 10 junior secondary schools, State Universal Education Boards, State Emergency Management Agency, Nigeria Union of Teachers, Nigerian Union of Journalists and National Teachers Training Institute in the three states.

She said, “The prevailing security situation in the Northeastern part of Nigeria has disrupted academic life in that zone.

“Nigerian educational institutions, teachers and students have become endangered due to attacks, schools are closed and children are losing out on education. It is not clear when insecurity will end. The situation is worsening the already poor educational indices for Nigeria.”

Alidou said there was an urgent need for intervention to curb the high number of out-of-school children and young adults with limited literacy and numeracy skills in the region.

The UNESCO director described education as a right, which should not be denied anyone.

“Education is a human right, and no one should be denied their right to education of good quality. We look forward to a Nigeria where children would go to school without fear of molestation or attack, where teachers are happy to be in the classroom doing what they like best and where parents are happy to send their children to acquire education,” she stated.

The Chairman, EEM, Ike Onyechere, explained that over 10,350 kits had so far been distributed to schools since the safe school programme started in August 2014.


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