Top 11 Important Things to Do Before Preparing for JAMB – 2017

Today, I’ll be sharing with you “Top 13 things to do before preparing for JAMB 2017”

Follow the Top Secret Below;

** Make for yourself a scheme of study or a reading pattern.

** Be dedicated to your studying schemes.

** Set in mind self reliance towards achieving success in the exams. Don’t depend on some other person, or indulge in malpractices as an aid to your success.

** Avoid key points. They are not fully detailed in information concerning a particular topic. Make use of textbooks with elaborate information. And alsomake use ofpast questions and answers.

** Test yourself periodically, I.e weekly, as an aid in covering certain topics and in order to prepare you for the actual exams.Study according to the syllables, and the topics as contained in the syllable should be your main focus, in order to avoid reading without precision.

** Detach yourself from much leisure activities, e. g hanging out with friends, seeing movies and social medias/networking.

** Apply for jamb yourself, so as to boldly stand for the subject combination selected on the day of the exam.

** Indulge in C. B. T training so as to improve your dexterity skills.

** Revisit any topic from any subject that is not yet clear for you to understand, and you canhave a group of people to brainstorm /share possible solutions with/. Remember, no man is an island.

** Go for your jamb lesson in a good jamb lesson centre. Not a place where the teachers are unserious.

That is very important.

** Finally, Work as if it all depends on you, and pray as if it all depends on God.

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