Sponsored: Gallows Road Released in Cinemas across Nigeria

Gallows Road, a movie that compellingly shows the powerful freedom that comes with forgiving one’s enemy in the face of racism is now showing in Cinemas across Nigeria.

John Venter, CEO of CMD Entertainment Africa while commenting on the movie said “We truly believe that this movie carries a powerful message of forgiveness and reconciliation our country so desperately needs in a time such as this.”

“Gallows Road” does a terrific job showing that forgiveness is possible even in the most difficult situations. It also clearly demonstrates that a person can redeem bad decisions by making good ones.

The film’s themes include faith, family, and forgiveness while also dealing with deep sorrow, anger, racism, revenge, alcoholism, and entitlement. It also reminds us that each of us has challenges in life, and periodically we need support or assistance. Maybe it’s the little girl made to hawk on the streets, or the wife whose husband abuses her, or even the angry teenager who lacks a proper role model.

Gallows Road features a star-studded cast that includes: Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Bill McAdams Jr. (Hallow Man), Marcus M. Mauldin (Prison Break), Mary Jean Bentley (Sweet Home Alabama), Brent Anderson (Dallas) and Frank Mosley (The Other Side Of Paradise).

The movie is now showing in Cinemas across Nigeria.

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