Parents should let children choose own careers — UNILAG Don

Nigerian parents have been urged to allow their children make their own career choices based on personal convictions rather than forcing them to particular courses.

A Professor of Education, Aloy Ejiogu, made the call while speaking at the 17th graduation ceremony of Grace High School, Lagos.

Aloy Ejiogu, a Professor of Education Management and Planning (New Telegraph)

Aloy Ejiogu, a Professor of Education Management and Planning (New Telegraph)

Ejiogu, a don at the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos (UNILAG), said students who are forced into professions they do not want often find their way into something else in the future.

“That is why we advise parents to allow the children choose a profession based on the children’s conviction, especially because the children would be the one to practice the profession,” Ejiogu said.

The Guest Speaker however urged the students to be of good character because a good career is not the only thing they need.

“Life is not only about career choice or employment. To be sincere, character is everything,” he added.

“You will discover that you need decent behaviour, healthy character before you can stand out in a society where violence, perverted sexual gratification, ingestion of drugs and all sorts of immorality are the order of the day.”

Professor Ejiogu advised the graduands to manage their future well so as to emerge as great leaders.

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