Nigeria Universities with Standard Teaching Hospitals

I have ran through most of the performance of teaching hospital in Nigeria base on efficiency and facilities available and found that this unis have the best teaching hospitals college teaching hospital-UNIBADAN premier university in Nigerian has one of the best equipped teaching hospitals

2.JUTH- UNIJOS,JUTH is rated as one of the best hospital in Nigeria in terms of services rendered and if you check out the permanent site of JUTH, it is among the finest in the country

3.LUTH-Lagos State University-LUTH might not really be among the best teaching hospitals but I bet you in terms of research it is on top.

4.Evangelin Hospital-Bingham University,popularly called ja kwanu, the hospital was rated 4th best hospital in Africa in 2009,but its structures are now old.

5.UCTH-UNICAL ,the hospital is a state of the art hospital with good carrying capacity

6.UNTH-University of Nigeria Enugu,I never knew about the hospital till I started following infos online about it and with little finding and how it is rated online I think it should be on the list.

7.IMSUTH-Imo State University, the IMO state University sure is one of the best state varsities in the country and also has one of the strongest teaching hospital to its credit.

8.LAUTECH- Ladoke Akintola University,only the landscape location of this university is unique and coupled with a state of the art teaching hospital I bet it is among the best in the country
9.UDUTH-Usman Danfodio University,some people might argue this but we need to always accept the fact UDUTH is one if the best hospitals in the north.

10.NAUTH-Nnamdi Azikiwe University, ranked Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital as sixth best in Nigeria with 6.32 points.

I think it was overrated though compared to LUTH,JUTH and UITH.

Which teaching hospital do you think is missing?

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