#MyNYSCExperience: SAED lectures was the best time to sleep – Adedeji Ayodeji

In a series by our Media Team, we too time to have a chit chat with some “newly crowned champs of the NYSC Scheme”, here we have Adedeji Ayodeji.

Briefly introduce yourself (Your Full name, School you graduated from):

I am Adedeji Ayodeji by name, from The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

Before Camp Experience (Registration before going to Camp):

I did my registration in school and there’s nothing so special about it.

Receiving of Call up letter:

I was still at School for my final clearance when I received my Call up letter which I was actually hoping for Kano or Rivers but I was posted to Kwara State.

Preparation for Camp:

I actually didn’t have much time for preparation because I was busy with my final Clearance in school, but I got to Ibadan where I stay a day to camp just to get little things before going to camp.

Travelling for Camp:

My journey to camp was hectic. I left home around 1pm and got to camp around 8:30 at night because of bad road and the long distance.

First Day in Camp:

My first day at camp was not that stressful because I was still struggling with my registrations and I was not able to join most of the activities at camp.

Adedeji Ayodeji

Reactions to the early morning Call:

My reaction to the early morning call was normal at first because I am a member of Royal Ambassador and I am used to it but I got tired after a week of getting to camp.

SAED Lectures:

To be honest, SAED lectures was the best time to sleep because the hall was not conducive for lectures, it’s just like a waste of time to many people including me.

Mami Market Experience:

Mami market was my own kitchen then. I have my own joint where I eat, drink and most importantly Charge my Phone.

Social Night Experience:

Our social night was just like a primary school graduation service, not well organized and we were given a time limit because we had issues with our camp coordinator. So, there was no much fun.

Last Day of Camp/Getting your PPA Letter:

My last day on camp was full of memories because I relocated to Lagos and I wasn’t going to see most of my friends again especially the ladies and I was very happy to leave camp.

Post Camp/PPA Experience:

After relocating to Lagos, the struggle for PPA started because I didn’t want to stay in a school and I wanted where I can gain better experience for Post NYSC. I later got an offer at MyJobMag which I worked as a Content & Social Media Manager, Data Entry and also shot YouTube videos for the Company. I was exposed to many things as a Photographer & Cinematographer I was able to work more using the company Camera and some equipment. I was also thought Digital Marketing which I got a certification from Google. I enjoyed my service year though it was stressful, Lagos traffic and the likes.

What’s your General view of the NYSC Scheme?

My view on NYSC Scheme is that its not serving its purpose again, its either they restructure it or scrap it.

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