Imo State University 2013/2014 Postgraduate Admissions, Apply Here

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for admission into the under listed Postgraduate Diploma and higher degree (full-time, part-time and weekend) programmes of Imo State University in the 2013/2014 academic session.

Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension a
nd Rural Development
(i) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Agricultural
Economics, Agricultural Cooperatives,
Agricultural Extension, and Farm Management and Rur
al Sociology.
(ii) M. Sc. and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics wit
h specialization in Agricultural Cooperatives,
Farm Management; Production Economics; Agricultural
Finance; Agricultural Marketing,
Resource and Environmental Economics.
(iii) M. Sc. and Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension wi
th specialization in Rural Sociology; Rural
(b) Department of Animal Science and Fisheries
(i) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Animal Scien
ce, and Fisheries.
(ii) M. Sc. and Ph.D. in Animal Science with option
s in Animal Production; Animal Nutrition,
Animal Physiology; and Animal Breeding and Genetics
(c) Department of Crop Science and Biotechnology
(i) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Crop Science
(ii) M. Sc. and Ph. D. in Crop Science with options
in Plant Protection; Horticulture, Breeding
and Genetics; Crop Nutrition and Physiology. .
(d) Department of Hospitality and Tourism Manageme
(i) Postgraduate Diploma (ii) M.Sc.
(e) Department of Soil Science and Environment
(i) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Soil Science
and Environment.
(ii) M. Sc. in Soil Chemistry and Fertility; Soil P
hysics and Conservation; Soil Microbiology and
Biochemistry; Soil Survey and Land Use Planning; an
d Soil Science and Environment Pollution.


(a) Department of Accountancy
(i) Postgraduate Diploma (ii) M.Sc. and MBA.
(b) Department of Banking and Finance
(i) Postgraduate Diploma (ii) M.Sc. (iii) M.Sc./Ph
D for those with MBA with a GPA of 3.50 and
above or 60% (iv) Ph.D
(c) Department of Business Management
(i) Postgraduate Diploma (ii) M.Sc., MBA
(d) Department of Insurance and Actuarial Science
(i) PGD in Insurance and Actuarial Science
(ii) MSc in Insurance and Actuarial Science
(e) Department of Marketing
(i) Postgraduate Diploma (ii) M.Sc., MBA and (iii)
M.Sc./Ph.D, (iv) Ph.D

(a) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
Department of Education Arts:
M.A. (Ed) in Education Arts (History or Religion or
M.Ed and Ph.D in Curriculum Studies
Department of Foundations and Counselling:
M.Ed in
Guidance and Counselling
Ph.D in
Guidance and Counselling
M.Ed in Sociology of Education
M.Ed in Philosophy of Education
Department of Language Education:
M.A. (Ed) in Language Education (English Language o
r Igbo or French)
Department of Library science
Masters Degree Programmes: MLS in Library Science
, and Library and Information Science
Department of Life Science Education:
M.Sc. (Ed) in Science Education (Biology or Health
Science or Agricultural Science)
M.Ed in Educational Psychology
Ph.D in Educational Psychology
Department of Physical Science Education:
M.Sc (Ed) in Science Education (Physical or Chemist
ry or Mathematics or Geography)
in Measurement and Evaluation
M.Ed and Ph.D in
Educational Technology
Department of Social Science Education:
M.Sc (Ed) Social Science Education
M.Ed in Management and Planning
Ph.D in Management and Planning

a) Department of Food Science and Technology
(i) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Food Science
and Technology.
(ii) M. Sc. in Food Science and Technology.


Department of Architecture:
PGD in Architecture
MSc in Architecture
MPhil in Architecture
PhD in Architecture
Department of Estate Management
PGD in Estate Management
MSc in Estate Management
PhD in Estate Management
(c) Department of Fine and Applied arts
PGD in Fine and applied arts
M.A. Fine Arts (Art History)
MFA Fine Arts (Studio)
PhD Fine Arts (Art History)
PhD (DocFa) Fine and Applied Arts (Studio)
(e) Department of Quantity Surveying
(i) PGD in Quantity Surveying
(ii) MSc. in Quantity Surveying with options in

Quantity Surveying

Construction Project Finance

Construction Economics
PhD in Quantity Surveying with options in

Quantity Surveying

Construction Project Finance

Construction Economics
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
(i) PGD Urban and Regional Planning
(ii) MSc in Urban and Regional Planning
PhD in Urban and Regional Planning


(a) Postgraduate Diploma
in Public Health
(b) Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
(i) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Nutrition an
d Dietetics.
(ii) M. Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics.
(c) Masters Degree Programmes
Public Health
(d) Department of Medical Laboratory:
(i) PGD in Medical Laboratory Science (ii) M.Sc. i
Medical Laboratory Science (iii) Ph.D in Medical Laboratory Science


(a) Centre for Gender studies
M.A. Women and Gender Studies
(b) Department of English and Literary Studies
(i) M.A. English Language
(ii) M.A. Literature
(iii) Ph.D Literature
(iv) Ph.D English Language
(c) Department of History and International Relatio
(i) PGD in History and International Studies
(ii) PGD in International Development Studies
(iii) PGD in Studies in Conflict Resolution and Pe
ace Management
(iv) M.A. History/International Studies
(v) M.A. Africa History
(vi) M.A. International Development Studies
(vii) Ph.D History/International Studies
(viii) Ph.D Igbo History
(d ) Department of French
M.A. French
With options in: (i) Language (ii) Literature and (
iii) Translation
PhD French
With options in: (i) Language (ii) Literature and (
iii) Translation
One year of course work and two years of dissertati
(e) Department of Igbo
(i) M.A. Igbo
(ii) MA Linguistics
MA Igbo Literature
Department of Philosophy
MA Philosophy
(ii) Ph.D Philosophy
Department of Religious Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Religious Studies
M.A. Religious Studies
Ph.D Religious Studies, with areas of specialisatio
n in:
(i) African Traditional Religion
(ii) Old Testament Studies
(iii) New Testament Studies
Church History
Religion and Society
Religious Ethics
Department of Theatre Arts
M.A. in Theatre Arts
With options in: (i) Directing (ii) Acting (iii) Pl
aywriting/Dramatology (iv) Dramatic Theory and
Criticism, and (v) African Drama and Theatre.

(b) PhD in Theatre Arts
With options in: (i) Theatre Studies and Performanc
e Theory (ii) Theatre History and
Historiography (iii) Dramatic Literature (iv) Drama
tic Theory and Criticism (v) African Drama
and Theatre (vi) Theatre in Education (vii) Media/F
ilm Studies and (viii) Arts

(a) Masters Degree Programmes (LLM) with options i
Department of Commercial Law:
Law of Commercial Transaction and Consumer Protecti
Comparative Company Law
Department of International Law and Jurisprudence:
(i) Law of Diplomatic and Consular Relations
(ii) International Economic Law
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Department of Private and Property Law:
Law of Secured Credit Transactions (Credit Securiti
Comparative Landlord and Tenant Law
Department of Public Law:
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Criminal Law
International Humanitarian Law
(b) Ph.D programme in Law
The Ph.D programme is available in specialised area
s of Law. The Ph.D programme is domiciled
in different departments namely: Department of Inte
rnational Law and Jurisprudence, Department
of Private and Property Law, Department of Public L
aw and Department of Commercial Law.
Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in:
Department of Animal and Environmental Biology:
Hydrobiology and Fisheries (ii) Public Health Paras
itology and Entomology (iii)
Environmental Biology and (iv) Physiology
Department of Biochemistry:
Department of Chemistry:
Department of Computer Science:
Computer Science
Department of Microbiology:
Department of Physics:
Department of Plant Science & Biotechnology:
Plant Pathology and Mycology (ii) Plant Physiology
(iii) Plant Taxonomy and
Department of Statistics:
Masters Degree Programmes:
Department of Animal and Environmental Biology:
Animal and Environmental Biology
with specialisation in: (i) Medical Parasitology an
d Entomology (ii) Fisheries and
Hydrobiology (iii) Environmental Biology (iv) Phys
iology and (v) Public Health
Department of Chemistry:
Chemistry with specialisation in:
(i) Organic Chemistry (ii)
Physical Chemistry, (iii) Inorganic Chemistry, (iv)
Analytical Chemistry and (v)
Environmental Chemistry.
Department of Computer Science:
Computer Science
Department of Plant Science & Biotechnology:
Plant Science and Biotechnology with
specialisation in: (i) Plant Taxonomy and Biosystem
atics (ii) Plant Pathology and Mycology
and (iii) Plant Physiology.
Department of Statistics:
Specialisation in Statistics
Department of Microbiology
: with specialisation in: (i) Medical Microbiology
Environmental Microbiology and (iii) Industrial Mic
Department of Physics : With specialisation in: (i) Atmospheric Physics a
nd (ii) Solid State
Ph.D Programmes
Department of Animal & Environmental Biology:
(i) Medical Parasitology and
Entomology (ii) Fisheries and Hydrobiology (iii) E
nvironmental Biology (iv) Physiology
and (v) Public Health Parasitology
Department of Chemistry:
Chemistry with specialisation in:
(i) Organic Chemistry (ii)
Physical Chemistry, (iii) Inorganic Chemistry, (iv)
Analytical Chemistry and (v)
Environmental Chemistry.
Department of Computer Science:
Computer Science
Department of Physics:
(i) Atmospheric Physic (ii) Solid State Physics.
Department of Statistics:
Department of Plant Science & Biotechnology:
(i) Plant taxonomy and Biosystematics
(ii) Plant Pathology and Mycology (iii) Plant Physiology


(a) Department of Economics
(i) Postgraduate Diploma, (ii) MSc (iii) PhD with s
pecialisation in:
Public Sector Economics & Finance
Industrial Economics
Development Economics

(b) Department of Geography and Environmental Manag
(i) M.Sc. in Geography & Environmental Management
(ii) M.Sc n Environmental Management
(iii) Ph.D in Geography & Environmental Management
(iv)Ph.D in Environmental Management
(c) Department of Mass Communication
Postgraduate Diploma and MSc
Ph.D with options in: (i) Print Sequence (ii) Electroni
c (Broadcast) Sequence (iii) Theory and
Research Sequence
(d) Department of Psychology
(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology
with options in:

Clinical Psychology

Industrial Psychology

Counselling Psychology
(iii) Ph.D
with options in:

Clinical Psychology

Industrial Psychology

Counselling Psychology
(b) Department of Sociology
(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Sociology
(ii) Masters Degree
with options in:
– Sociology of Development
– Rural Sociology
– Industrial Sociology
– Personnel and Human Resources Management
(iii) PhD Programmes
with options in:
– Sociology of Development
– Rural Sociology

1. General:

All prospective applicants must possess ab initio a
t least 5 O’level Credit passes at not more than
2 sittings from WASC, GCE, NECO or TC II. For all S
ocial Science courses, a credit in
Mathematics is required. Apart from the basic UME o
f five credits, two of the credits must be in
English and Mathematics in all disciplines in the F
aculty of Education. Any candidate who does
not satisfy the O’level requirements for the course
s of choice shall not be considered for
admission. In addition, there are specific Departme
ntal/Faculty requirements, which applicants
have to meet. Details of these are available on thi
s portal.

2. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Applicants must hold a good honours degree or at le
ast HND, from an institution recognised by
the Senate of Imo State University, Owerri. However
, applicants for PGD in Construction
Management may be considered if they have certain o
ther certificates plus not less than ten years
post qualification experience in a related field. F
or PGD in Medical Laboratory Science,
applicants must possess AIMLS/AIMLT or FIMLT or equ
ivalent qualifications registerable with
the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (

3. Masters Degree Programmes:

a) A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree with second class ho
nours in relevant discipline, or
Postgraduate Diploma at Credit or Higher level in t
he relevant discipline, or equivalent
b) For Masters Degree in Education (Measurement and Ev
aluation) the candidates must have
adequate mathematics background.
c) Applicants for M.Sc. Architecture may be required t
o present a portfolio of their work and/or
appear for interview.
d) MPA applicants must have a minimum of five years po
stgraduate working experience.

4. Ph.D Degree Programmes:

Masters degree in the relevant discipline or equiva
lent qualifications with at least 60% average.
Shortlisted applicants to the PhD programme will ta
ke a screen test mid-October 2013. Applicants
will find information on this on the SPGS website (

5. NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate:

Photocopies of NYSC discharge or exemption certific
ate must be attached to the completed
application forms, to merit consideration.

6. Official Transcript:

Candidates are advised to apply to their former institutions to forward authenticated copies of
their transcripts under sealed cover directly to Se
cretary, School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS).
Candidates should note that their application may n
ot be processed without all the supporting
documents, including transcript, certificates, pass
port photographs, and referee reports.

7. Minimum Duration of Programmes:

The normal duration for PGD programmes is two semes
ters for full-time and four semesters for
part-time students. For Masters Students, it is thr
ee semesters for full-time and six semesters for
part-time. For Ph.D Programmes, the minimum duratio
n is six semesters for full time and eight
semesters for part-time. In addition to the admissi
on requirements, every candidate in regular
employment must submit with his/her application a f
ormal letter of release for Postgraduate
studies issued by his/her employer.


Candidates are required to collect scratch cards fr
om IMSU Microfinance Bank for a sum of Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000.00) and log on to our website at to complete the application form, print and submit a copy at the School of Postgraduate Studies.

9. Closing date:

This application shall close after three months (Ju
ly – September 2013) from the date of this
publication. All application forms must be complete
d and returned to the Secretary, School of
Postgraduate Studies (SPGS). The School of Postgrad
uate Studies expects the recommendations
by referees in sealed separate envelopes; referees
report could either come with the main
application forms or be mailed directly to the Secr
etary, School of Postgraduate Studies before the
deadline for the submission of forms.

Please note that incomplete information or late sub mission of forms may delay/prevent action on such

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