“I don’t think Anybody Worked as Hard as I did in my class” – UNILAG best Graduating student

Mr. Bakre Oluwafemi was during the 2012/2013 convocation ceremony of the University of Lagos awarded the best graduating student.

A graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering, Oluwafemi was popularly referred to as jakre on campus.

While on a chat with news men oluwafemi revealed that the feat was a reward for his five years hard work because he actually paid his dues.
In his words,” I can proudly say that I don’t think anybody worked as hard as I did in my class and everybody knows, so it’s not about that guy was lucky, and all my classmates know that it’s an award that I truly deserve.”

He also attributed his success to learning and heeding the advice of his mentors and anyone that knows better than he does.
With a major reference to God and importance of prayers in his life, Oluwafemi recalled how God made it possible for an examination to be postponed just because he wasn’t ready for it.

When asked if he could stand on the same academic level with other brilliant students from top rated schools like Harvard University; guess what his response was?
“Definitely” he said.

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