German Envoy Pledges More Scholarships For Nigerians

Mr Michael Derus, the German Consul-General in Lagos, on Monday, pledged his government’s willingness to make more Nigerians benefit from its global scholarships.

Derus told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that “the essence” was to strengthen both countries educational cooperation, as well as make education affordable to “many more young Nigerians”.

The envoy said that the German government, through its academic exchange service, was ready to support Nigerians in their undergraduate and post-graduate education.
“Nigeria no doubt is our very good partner in educational cooperation.

“And we also know the great importance Nigerian parents attaches to the education of their children.
“This is one reason we will definitely sustain our award of scholarships to Nigerians in the years ahead.
“The German’s funds for supporting other countries still exist. We have more scholarships for Nigerians willing to study in Germany.’’

Derus said that the country’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mrs Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel, was particularly interested promoting education of young Nigerians.
He said that education cooperation was one of the four areas of his government’s present partnership with the Nigerian government.

“Even in the global level, Nigeria is a good partner for educational cooperation.
“We, therefore, need to support and promote the educational development of young Nigerians.’’ (NAN)

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