Covenant University – Registration Procedures For Freshers. Check Here

Candidates who have been granted Admission into Covenant University are to follow the procedures below for freshers’ registration.


The University Management welcomes all Fresh Students to Covenant University, a royal academy for raising a new generation of leaders. Do have a fruitful and successful 2013/2014 academic session in Jesus Name.

Covenant University Registration Procedure  for fresh students

1. Parents are expected to drop their wards in Cafetaria 2 for safe keep of their luggage and return home or park (if necessary) at the open space beside the Covenant University Guest House. There is provision to convey students to the Halls of Residence after the Registration exercise.
2. Students are to proceed to the Lecture Theatre to complete the following

Covenant University Freshers’ Registration Venues and Steps:

Step 1: First Floor Lecture Theatre

Step 2: CST Computing Laboratory

Step 3: (a) Lecture Theatre 1
Signing of printouts of Course Registration Forms by CST Level Advisers and giving of ID cards.

(b) Lecture Theatre 2
Signing of printouts of Course Registration Forms by CDS Level Advisers and giving of ID cards.

Note: Two files containing the required documents should be submitted to the College Officer

Step 4: First Floor Lecture Theatre
Hall Allocation Verification & giving of Pager: Student Affairs Department

Step 5: Completion of Registration
Students should proceed to the Halls of Residence with the following items in a file:
(a) Payment Slip (b) Hall Allocation Slip
(c) Course Registration Slip
(d) ID Card Course Registration Slip
(e) Parent Indemnity Form
(f) Residency Agreement Form
(g) Visitors Accreditation Form
(h) Cell phone Outlaw Form
(i) Laptop/iPad Registration Form
(j) Cult Renunciation Form
(k) List of Prohibited Items in the Halls of Residence

You can read more at Covenant University’s Website

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