Be change agents, Babcock President/Vice-Chancellor urges teachers

The President/Vice-Chancellor of the Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Prof. Kayode Makinde, has urged teachers to be change agents by instilling moral values in their pupils.

He said this while addressing the 13th annual conference of the Adventist Educators Association of Nigeria at the Babcock University High School on Thursday.


The Vice Chancellor Babcock University Ogun State Prof. Kayode Makinde

According to Makinde teachers should always be mindful of what they teach their pupils.

He said, “Education is seed planting. It is sowing. As teachers, you must be mindful of what exactly that are sowing or planting into the brain of the pupils or students you are teaching.

“Definitely it is what you sow that you will reap. So, as Adventist teachers, you must instil Christ-like and moral values into those you are teaching. That is the only way they will become exemplary leaders in future.”

The VC, who implored them to be the ‘light’ in their different positions, stressed that the nation could not be greater than the quality of its teachers.

The wife of the Ogun State governor, Olufunso, who declared the seminar opened, appealed to the participants to do their job with passion.

According to her, if they teach with passion, their pupils will learn with excitement.

She said, “Anyone who invests in education is investing in the future. As educators, you must teach your pupils moral values that will make meaningful contributions to the development of the country.”

The association’s President, Mrs. Oluyemisi Aina, urged teachers to endeavour to engage in research in order to be up-to-date in new teaching methodology.

She also condemned parents who cared less about the moral upbringing of their children.

She said, “Charity begins at home, parents must take interest in the education of their children and the kind of friends they keep. But it is unfortunate that many parents are only pursuing material gains to their detriment of proper upbringing of their children.”

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