ASUU STRIKE: ASUU Kogi Boss Charges Students To Be Resourceful With Time

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has urged students to be resourceful with their time following the persistence of the on-going strike. The Chairman, Kogi State University Chapter of ASUU, Dr. Sylvester Ukwuteno, who made this call while speaking to newsmen recently, admonished students not to use the time made available to them to cause mischief, but instead to study and prepare for the future.

Ukwuteno also called on Nigerian students to be more visible in their support of the strike. He said: “Students should stop being cowardly about ASUU’s grievances, there has been a series of false allegations that we are simply fighting for our selfish interests and using the decayed system as a benchmark. It is absolutely untrue.”

Opining that the ASUU struggle is in the best interest of the students, he advised students to be wary of politicians who may try to use them to rebel against ASUU. Ukwuteno said: “The question is after the exploitation and deceit; the same students will go back to the same classrooms, and not receive quality education because of the decay in funding and infrastructure.”  The ASUU Kogi Boss claimed that the strike is not the reason for some students’ involvement in prostitution, armed robbery and other nefarious activities.

“People should stop using the strike as excuse for such inexcusable behaviour,” he said, “there are a lot of other decent, productive activities students can be engaged in.”

He argued that ASUU is not begging the Government, but is urging the authorities to render the necessary support to the sector, which every Nigerian student has the right to enjoy. “The burning question,” Ukwuteno posed, “is that if the Government is refusing to spend the money on a sector as important as education, who and what is the Government spending money on?”

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