2019/2020 Cuba Medical Scholarships

The Top 10 Scholarships for International Students in USA And How to Apply

The Cuba Medical Scholarships for 2019/2020 is out. Cuba is one of the top best locations in the world to study medicine. Cuba takes health to be very important and as a result, Cuba trains some of the best physicians in the world. Some government in certain countries and organizations provides Cuba medical scholarships and fellowships for their students to study medicine in Cuba. Do not miss out of this opportunity to study medicine in one of the best universities. See below for details.

So many nations provide full scholarships for their students to train in Cuba as physicians. Upon graduation, the students return to practice in the most medically neglected and poor regions in the nation. If you wish to study medicine abroad and can not afford the high tuition cost, then Cuba is the best place you need to go.

Why Study Medicine in Cuba?

Cuba is the largest country in the North Carribean and it offers some of the best opportunities for tertiary education, especially in the field of medicine. Notwithstanding that they chiefly speak Spanish in Cuba it is still an international student top study destination, with its large population of students of color.

The country focuses on keeping terminal, chronic, natural and airborne diseases at bay. Thus, illnesses and viruses like meningitis, Cholera, AIDS, and cancer are not so rampant. This is the reason why Cuba residents are said to have a higher life expectancy than others in the world. Cuba universities are highly competitive as they are affordable. They are also globally recognized.

2019/2020 Cuba Medical Scholarships Available

NW Government: Medicine Bursary/Scholarship Programme In Cuba 2019

The North West Province of South Africa offers this scholarship to qualified students from the province to study Medicine in Cuba.

Upon completion of study, student must commit his or herself to work in the health-needy areas of the Province. It is the Health Department’s prerogative to place students where they’ll practice, thus, they have the final say in the posting. This type of scholarship is available to prospective undergraduate seeking admission to tertiary institutions.

Host Nationality

This Cuba medical scholarship is hosted by the South African government. To be qualified, applicants must be citizens of South Africa who are residents of the North West Province. The Cuba medica scholarship covers the cost of acquiring medical training in Cuba.


To be eligible for this medicine bursary, you must:

  • Pass your Matric with minimum medical university entry requirements.
  • Score at least  4 in Physical ScienceMathematicsBiology / Life Sciences, and English.
  • Be between the age of 25 and 31 with an endorsement for a degree/diploma.
  • Demonstrate physical and medical fitness.
  • Must have a valid passport

How to Apply

First, you’ll have to obtain an application form from any Health Department’s Districts and Sub-District Offices, or from the Provincial Office (Mmabatho). The address of the Province Office is 3801 Cnr. Sekame & Ist Street, Office No: 249, HRD Unit, Second Floor. It is at New Office Park (behind The Crossing Mall).

After completing the form, your application should be directed for the attention of Mr. G B Msinga. You may deliver it by hand to the Department of Health at the 2nd Floor, Office 247 of the same address.

Application Deadline

14th June, 2019

Gordon Signy Fellowships, 2019

The World Association of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine offers this scholarship to students in the field of Medical Pathology to study abroad. International students can apply for this scholarship to study medicine in Cuba. In addition, the organization provides partial financial funding in order to assist medical students to cover the cost of studying in Cuba. This type of scholarship is available to Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D and Post-Doctor degree students.

Host Nationality

This Cuba medical scholarship is hosted by the United State of America. Students from any part of the country are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Worth

This medical fellowship offers $5,000 to successful applicants. The payment is in two installments. You will receive $4,500 at the beginning of the period of study and $500 after the scholarship organization receives a report of your fellowship experience.

However, if the training period exceeds 89 days you may receive $7,500 which is subject to the discretion of the Regents of the Fellowship. This scholarship gives you the opportunity to take the medical pathology training in any country of your chosen other than your own country

However, you must have completed your training in subjects like anatomical or clinical pathology before applying for this fellowship. Meanwhile, this training should not be more than 10 years old before applying for the fellowship.

Also, you will have to submit a Letter of acceptance from the training director, a teacher, supervisor, mentor or faculty as well as Copies of your Medical Degree and Certificate of Training.

In addition, you’ll submit a detailed curriculum vitae (CV) which should include your name and address, current employment, education, memberships, and other details.

How to Apply

To apply for this medical fellowship, you must adhere to the following:

  • Complete the application forms using either the WORD, PDF or PDF-TEXT ONLY formats.
  • You should complete The PDF FORM format using a computer. Save, print and then mail the application when you’re done.
  • You should print the PDF-TEXT ONLY format, fill it out by hand, copy or scan it and then mail when you’re done.
  • You may also scan and complete the WORD form using a computer.

Furthermore, the forms contain every information you need to complete the application including the email and postal addresses to submit the application.

Application Deadline

30th June, 2019

Nestle Nutrition Institute – Research Training Fellowships, 2019

This scholarship is offered to students in the field of young women’s health, mother and child health and nutrition. This course can be studied at any university.  In other words, international students can apply and get this scholarship to study medicine in Cuba. Also, NNI provides partial financial funding to assist medical students to cover the cost of studying in Cuba. This is available to international students who wish to pursue a Masters and PH.D degree.

Host Nationality

This Cuba medical scholarship is hosted by Switzerland. However, students from any part of the world can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Worth

This Cuba medical scholarship offers 40,000 CHF or $40,246 to successful applicants for the longer length projects (12 months). To be eligible, you must:

  • You must have a postgraduate qualification and also have an affiliation with a clinical or academic institution.

How to Apply

To apply for this medical fellowship,

  • Write an application describing your interest in this fellowship.
  • Submit a curriculum vitra
  • Two reference letters – one from the host and the other from the institution where they are working as well as a letter stating an intention to return to your home country.
  • An application for the proposed activity and its outcome and their training level details.

Application Deadline

31th August, 2019

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