12 Months Internship Job in The United Kingdom- Apply Now

12 Months Internship Job in The United Kingdom- Apply Now

Internship and Job Vacancies for International Students in the United Kingdom, UK. Thanks for your interest in our 12 month Industrial Placements and 10 week Summer Internships.
We are open for applications at the moment and the good news is that if you register through clicking ‘Apply’ to this job description, we can then let you know as soon as we open our vacancies.

You can even get ahead of the game a bit by completing the first stage in the application – our online competency based questions – you don’t even need to attach a CV or Cover Letter! Don’t worry, if you don’t want to do the tests you don’t have to at this stage. You can ignore the invitation emails/reminders to the tests with no consequences 🙂

When we open our applications we will send you an email explaining the recruitment process and you can then chose, and officially apply to, the specific internship you are interested in. If you have completed the tests, you are then jumped forward in the recruitment process. If you haven’t, you can do them then.

The key things that you need to know are:
Start date is the same for all Intern roles: Monday 1st July 2019
Jobs to Apply: Supply Chain, Commercial (Sales), Marketing, IT, Visual Merchandising, Finance, IT, Events, Market Research, Digital, HR

Who is eligible: Our internships and placements are for undergraduates only. If you will be graduated by the start date of the internship that you are applying to then we are sorry to say that we will not be able to consider your application for this role. Interested applicants, who wish to make more inquires should contact us at gradsandinterns@loreal.com

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